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About Les Cafés Lebert

There are magic places where your eye doesn’t know were to look, where your senses lose their way navigating a thousand tastes: Welcome to LES CAFES LEBERT.
Les Cafés Lebert - with the warm colonial atmosphere of its Comptoirs Coloniaux and scents of the Orient mixed with roasted coffee, tea, and the best spices, that have built our reputation for a quarter of a century.
Les Cafés Lebert also means French gastronomy - as well as Italian cuisine, olive oil, ready-made ingredients, non ionized organic spices, wild salmon*, taramasalata* without colourings - all in a vast market of sweet and savoury gourmet items including “World Selection” gifts.
* Depending on the season.

Services +
- Traditional onsite roasting
- Bulk organic spices
- Personalised culinary advice
- Grower Champagnes
- Wholesale coffee sales
- Bulk Italian olive
- Pure cocoa butter chocolate
- Coffee machine repairs

Les Cafés Lebert - 127 rue Nationale - 46000 CAHORS - Tél : - Fax : - E-mail : kfe-lebert@wanadoo.fr